FALL 2020


  • In Between

    Brontë and Dani talk about queer love, the importance of giving young people language and the power of spirituality! 

  • Bops that Slap

    Hosted by Cara and Jared, Bops that Slap is an album review podcast that analyzes some of the hottest pop music and the connections made to that music!

  • Heard That

    Chloe Hart-Kindleberger candidly shares her experiences and journey with being unapologetically herself in college. This podcast will discuss how to find who the heck you are, when you have no idea what the heck you are doing!

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Passion Project is a multimedia online publication dedicated to exhibiting our constantly changing youth culture. Our main goal is to share diverse stories with the idea that unity happens through the acceptance of individuality. Our stories tend to represent the less-heard. We want to convey stories in the most compelling way for you, and we interpret that as photos, videos, podcasts, and written word.

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