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  • Brontë and Dani talk about queer love, the importance of giving young people language and the power of spirituality! 

    In Between

  • Hosted by Cara and Jared, Bops that Slap is an album review podcast that analyzes some of the hottest pop music and the connections made to that music!

    Bops that Slap

  • Chloe Hart-Kindleberger candidly shares her experiences and journey with being unapologetically herself in college. This podcast will discuss how to find who the heck you are, when you have no idea what the heck you are doing!

    Heard That

  • In this CRAZY-SICK podcast, Peter and Jack crack a few ones and talk about middle school stories, crazy DM’s, and struggling at the gym!

    JackPeter Pickle Podcast

  • Hear Hannah, Abbie and Ray’s take on the best, the worst; and of course their first! Listen to the girl gang harmonize, analyze their friendship dynamic and ubiquitous female friendship!

    My Two Gay Moms

  • Minah Saint-Cyr, she talks about sex education and women's health. Ranging from hetero-normative sex education to the dating lives of black women, with every episode comes a new guest to discuss their own experiences with sex, dating, and health!

    Birds and Black Girls

  • Ithaca College Eco Reps plans to raise awareness and engage the IC community about sustainability. Through covering a wide range of sustainability topics,  they want to connect Ithaca College with Tompkins County and inspire people to advocate for a sustainable and just world!

    Climate: TBD

  • This show is hosted by Bridget Bright, and is a podcast telling personal, touching stories about young people’s relationships with their bodies. Each episode will share the story of a new guest’s experience with their physical and mental health, and hopefully, we can all learn to love and accept our bodies along the way.

    Mind Your Body

  • Justine and Adele discuss the general definitions of sustainable fashion versus fast fashion, and clean beauty versus toxic beauty. They talk about why these topics are important and why they think it should be important to everyone!

    Good Juju