Dear President.

We, the (People/Women/men/students/LGBTQ community/professors/) of (Ithaca College/United States) are speaking to you with the hope that you will hear our words. Our future with your leadership will impact your future under our leadership.

As the President, you have been chosen by us. You have been chosen to represent us all. No matter our income, the color of our skin, gender, sexual orientation, the religion we practice. No matter how we identify as people of this earth, we should be treated the same. We expect you to believe in equality, empathy and inclusivity. A dictionary would say that you are an officer to preside over a united body of persons. But look at us: We are anything but.

We stand at the brink of a pivotal moment in history. Collaborate with us to make an improved present and future despite our past. As humans we are constantly growing and shaping to our environments and leadership figures. We expect you to prioritize us, your constituents, over your personal gains. We expect you to encourage us to be the best versions of who we know ourselves to be, and we will do the same for you.

For this to work you need to be transparent and genuine. Be the role model that represents us all. The person who can make this community work for everyone. The person that becomes a familiar face and the friend we can turn to. The President who knows who they are serving.

We are enlightened, emboldened, and empowered to envision a better (school/country) that works for everyone. Because if even one part of us is held back, how can we as a community look one another in the face and say that we. are. great?

With love,

- x

Video Produced by : Nicole Villalobos + Mori Pericon

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