Passion at the Core: The NYC Clothing Line

Photography: Brittany Albis

An inside look into a new NYC clothing line, Core, and interview with it’s founder, Daevon Adman.

In a world dominated by multi-million dollar corporate fashion businesses, we have all experienced the difficulties of finding clothing that resonates with our style, standards, and budget. Fortunately, we live on a campus filled with an abundance of creative people. Spawning from the fashion capital of the United States—New York City—Daevon Adman is a freshman at Ithaca College with more than the typical heavy student workload. He also has his own clothing line called Core NYC.

Adman has been designing for Core for a few years now; creating the company with his friend Miles when they were in high school. They both accumulated enough money from part-time jobs to invest in themselves and their own ideas and decided to start a brand. How does a high school student go about starting something as innovative, not to mention difficult, as cultivating and branding an entire clothing line? Adman started his line with the objective of giving his friends something to wear that wouldn’t demand attention through flashiness, but would still be symbolic and timeless.

His original intentions were to create “something that we would like to see on our peers, but nothing really mainstream. We wanted to keep it real unique."

He describes his designs as simple, finding it important to not make the clothes overly extravagant. The brand has a relaxed and nonchalant vibe—cool, laid-back lines that say ‘oh I just threw this on but I still look damn good’—similar to Adman’s personal style. He finds inspiration in other small New York City brands, that sell clothes on the outskirts of the mainstream fashion world.

As a young entrepreneur, Adman faces the same challenges of any other young creative designer, including the uncertainty and doubt of others. To anyone else who is young and trying to establish themselves through a business he’d say, “don’t listen to those who tell you you’re too young to do whatever you’re doing. Just keep doing what you want to do, because eventually it will pay off. I hope so at least.

Through the difficulties of designing and making clothes, Adman concentrates on bringing his visions to life, focusing on creating a brand that is different and original. He has the determination and ability to be the artist who creates pieces that so many people imagine but never have the motivation to actually make. “It is important to create that thing that everyone seems to think of, but never actually does,” Adman says.

Overcoming this this hurdle of passion combined with motivation, a battle so many are too intimidated to face, is what has brought Core clothing to the success it is now.

Shop the Core NYC collection on its website, or visit the Instagram,

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