Summer Beat with Kylee Roberts | Episode 2 - JUMPSEUT

Jumpseut is a musician, photographer and all around creative mind going to school for a degree in music business. Kylee met Jumpseut in high school but her mother has known his father since dinosaurs roamed the earth/the eighties.

After growing up in Texas and a short hiatus in Denver for his freshman year of college, he transferred to school in New York City and his artistry has bloomed immensely (fashion sense and mindset as well). This past year he worked at Heads Music, the label Wyclef Jean is signed to (which you’ll hear Jumpseut refer to in the interview, nameless) and started filming music videos for up-and-coming musicians, all while continuously throwing beats onto his SoundCloud account. In the time Kylee's known him, she feel like he always has a new heist going in order to consistently answer the question, "what is the best way to express myself that I haven't done before?” So, without further ado, we present Episode 2 of Summer Beat with Kylee Roberts.

Photography by Olivia Montalto - Currently a student at Parsons School of Design in New York City where she was born and raised.

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