Don't Touch My Hair

Growing up in the context of a white washed, Eurocentric society which chose the fetishize and degrade kinky hair like mine, I never truly recognized the ability of my own hair. I was conditioned into thinking in order to be beautiful and deemed as worthy, I needed to have long straight hair. This was evident through the advertisements I saw and the TV shows I watched, which clearly lacked the representation my child ego ached for. This lead to me constantly feeling misrepresented and never satisfied with this specific aspect of my physical characteristic. But of course, my 6-year-old self was not able to fully comprehend these complex thoughts or feelings.

These internalized feelings lead to the inspiration for the creation of this photography series, entitled “Don’t Touch MY Hair,” in which I attempt to capture the beauty of people of color through their hair. This is because in the POC community, hair has always played a significant role in the self-expression for both men and women. This stems from the fact that, in the POC community, hair is more just a biological feature of the body. It is powerful and beautiful.

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