Loosely Defined #3 (Part 1/2): Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Bracket Madness w/ Tessa More

Loosely Defined #3 - 4/1/18 (Part 1/2): Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Bracket Madness w/ Tessa More

March is over and so is the madness for basketball fans. Good thing we’re nerds and not Basketball fans because the madness continues on Loosely Defined Episode 3! We’re deciding on the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, March Madness Bracket Style, with our good friend Tessa More!

This episode ran long so we’re cutting it for time and splitting it into two parts. Click HERE for part two!

Check out the bracket and follow along in the discussion:

Skip around to any matchup:

Bracket Begins - 1:48

Black Panther vs. The Incredible Hulk - 5:00

Iron Man vs. Age of Ultron - 7:14

Thor vs. The Avengers - 13:02

Thor: Ragnarok vs. Iron Man 3 - 15:23

Spider-Man: Homecoming vs. Captain America: The First Avenger - 18:31

Guardians of the Galaxy vs. Ant-Man - 21:55

Captain America: Civil War vs. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - 25:31

Captain America: The Winter Soldier vs. Doctor Strange - 29:48

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Intro and outro music by Sam Gomberg @_tallboi_ on IG

Cover art by Nicki Diacik

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