Celebrating New Beginnings

We went around Ithaca College and asked students one question.

"What’s something new beginning to happen in your life?"

“I’m going to be traveling to Australia and Thailand. This is a new beginning for me because I get to start traveling again and I really enjoy learning about new cultures.”

- Emma Rothschild / Sophomore

"I changed my major to documentary studies!"

- Shinice Ford / Sophomore

“Journalism is a new beginning in my life. Both my parents aren’t American, so I’ve always doubted my writing and my English, but all of a sudden all these writing opportunities started appearing. I’m a strong believer that opportunities appear for a reason. So I’m taking this as a sign that I have to believe in myself and not being so hard on myself.”

- Liya Lachovizer/Junior

I'm looking forward to studying abroad in LA, and spending the whole semester back home. I just wanna be closer to home."

- Joanne Yick / Sophomore

"I'm a senior, and last semester I went to LA. Being a film student out there, and through my internships I was able to go on productions. It made me feel much more real for when I'm going to graduate soon and go out there, and start doing my own projects."

- Grace Neely / Senior

"A new beginning happening in my life right now is being offered a job from my internship that I had this past summer and winter!"

- Sam Lipper / Sophomore

"I'm the host of "The Week That Was". It's my third season of the show, and I'm looking to gain the skills and credentials to be a TV host like Jimmy Fallon."

- Stephen Carleton / Sophomore

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