Summer Beat Vol. 2 Finale | Kyra Skye

In the season finale of Summer Beat, I sat down with one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met. Kyra and I were supposed to have done this months ago but I am so happy it worked out like this in the end. The 19-year-old singer-songwriter and producer from Nyack, New York is filling up her music resume like nobody's business; and the best part is that she's actually excellent at all of it.

Amongst talking about the rising DIY scene of music, living your best life and the independence that comes with that, I got a private concert (and I recorded it to share with you!) Please enjoy this final episode of Summer Beat with me, Kylee Roberts.

Skip to 23 min. to hear Kyra's live performance of "If You Don't Love Yourself" from her debut album, Summer Nights.

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