In Between: Ithaca Homeless Crisis

Episode 7 | Ithaca Homeless Crisis

From our spot on the hill, it's not always easy for us as Ithaca College students to recognize the crucial issues that plague the wider Ithaca community; homelessness being a big one. But, this week, In Between hosts Brontë and Daniela speak with Ithaca College junior Maria Bushby about her work with the Ithaca Homeless Crisis and how she believes we can, as a community, work towards making a change.

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In Between, a podcast from Passion Project Online, features Daniela Rivero and Brontë Cook. These hosts will explore the ever-changing reality of human identity and help listeners find commonality between themselves and others. The show will tap into parts of ourselves and our world that often fall in between the cracks in an effort to build crucial human connection in a world so often filled with chaos and assumption.

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