Guided: What are we Looking for in a College? (Part 2/2)

Episode 2 (Part 2/2) | What are we Looking for in a College?

In part two of our discussion with Corinna, we finish diving into the resources that can have the biggest impact on high school students when choosing a college. Somehow we also get on the topic of Russian nesting dolls and what keeps Corinna up at night. New episodes of Guided will return in late January.

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Sierra Baker and Sarah Kane are two college tour guides who made a pun and turned it into a podcast. With absolutely no set agenda, join them as they discuss the essence of being a college student and conceptualize the overall college experience. By addressing a theme each episode, inviting guests on air and answering listeners questions, they will begin to understand what college is and why we all pay to go.

Cover art by Nicki Diacik

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