In Between: April Carroll

Episode 8 | April Carroll

Meet April Carroll: A Ithaca College student, a writer, a fashion icon, an Ithaca native and, objectively, one of the coolest people ever. In the semester finale of In Between, hosts Dani and Brontë sit down with April to talk about her latest art exhibit that highlights the experiences of people of color at a predominantly white institution, her passion for screenwriting, her unfortunate love for skinny white boys and MORE!

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In Between, a podcast from Passion Project Online, features Daniela Rivero and Brontë Cook. These hosts will explore the ever-changing reality of human identity and help listeners find commonality between themselves and others. The show will tap into parts of ourselves and our world that often fall in between the cracks in an effort to build crucial human connection in a world so often filled with chaos and assumption.

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