Overlooked: Nancy Drew

On the inaugural episode of Overlooked, Jake Leary sits down with WIC programming chair Liza Gillespie to talk about "Nancy Drew" (2007). Despite featuring recognizable characters and iconography, Andrew Fleming's take on the Riverheights and the rest of the Drew-niverse diverges from the more self-serious, simplistic stories which made Nancy famous; A goofier, murder-filled version of the classic sleuth makes for a better movie than late 2000s critics and audiences acknowledged.

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There are a lot of movies out there. A. Lot. Every year hundreds of movies come out, but few of them enter the public consciousness; these overlooked films can be exciting, moving, funny or poignant but they don't get the attention of the hottest blockbusters or most Oscar-baity art-films. "Overlooked" is a bi-weekly examination of under-appreciated films that were undervalued at their time of release, hosted by Jake Leary. The show can cover any genre, and though I only discussed movies here, any medium. Each week a new guest from the Ithaca community would be given a chance to espouse a hidden gem that they feel didn't receive enough attention. One part talk show, one part media criticism, "Overlooked" is a movie book club at its core — an enthusiastic celebration of the movies you might have missed.

Cover Art by Nicki Diacik

Music: "Come to California" by Matthew Sweet, "Pretty Much Amazing" by Joanna, and "When Did Your Heart Go Missing" by Rooney. All music appears in "Nancy Drew" (2007.)

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