Climate TBD: To Be Deliberated - Social Justice

In the first episode, Eco Reps Jessica Gallagher and Marisa Lansing open up a conversation surrounding environmental social justice. They talk to Anthony Rogers-Wright, environmental and social activist, and Sergio Cabrera, an Ithaca College Sociology Professor. The discussion surrounds topics like the Green New Deal, redlining, and national and local inequalities.

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Through this monthly podcast, Ithaca College Eco Reps plan to raise awareness and engage the IC community about sustainability. We plan to do this through a combination of journalism and open conversations with sources regarding sustainability topics. Our hope is to cover a wide range of topics to connect Ithaca College with Tompkins County and inspire people to advocate for a sustainable and just world.

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Edited by:

Jack Liden and Gemma Gallucci

Produced by:

Tessie Devlin

Cover Art by:

Bailey Becher, Amanda Stearsman and Nicki Diacik

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