ITHACONversations: The History of Ithacon w/ Bill Turner

Episode 1 | The History of Ithacon w/ Bill Turner

This week, meet Bill Turner. the original chairmen and founder of Ithacon. A long time community member, Bill has been a member of the Comic Book Club of Ithaca for over 45 years and a life long fan of science fiction.

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ITHACONversations is the official podcast of Ithacon and the newest show from Passion Project Online. Ithacon is the second longest running comic book convention in the United States. Every week, host Edward Willshire will interview a member of the Ithacon team leading up to Ithacon 44 on March 23 and 24. Learn about the history, business, and design of conventions and meet some of the people behind it all.

Intro and outro music by Jacob Sullivan

Cover art by Eden Dodge

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