April Feature: Bless This Mess

In collaboration with Olivia Acuña and inspired by Sarah Bah Bah photography/creative direction.

When our Editorial Director asked me to write about my stress management, it came from the assumption that I am so busy, there’s probably a secret to keeping my insanity. The reality is that “me time” is my favorite time. Between Passion Project, working a part-time job, being a student and a loved one, it’s hard to remember that I matter. So through the running around and inability to catch my breath, I know that if my room is a mess my brain is probably a wreck.

When I clean and organize my space, I can start compartmentalizing the things that matter. I rediscover objects that had or have value to me. I salvage beauty products that didn’t work for me in the summer with hopes of warmer weather and my Vitamin D intake. I find developed film photos that spark happy memories and laughs.

This piece is entitled Bless This Mess was created with the idea in mind that although it is a bitch to stop and clean, taking time to do so reminds me that I have needs and I need to be taken care of too.

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