ITHACONversations: Hart Seely and Jamal Igle of Ahoy Comics

This week on ITHACONversations, Edward sits down with Hart Seely and Jamal Igle of Ahoy Comics. Ahoy is a Syracuse-based comic book company that recently launched its second wave of titles. They were also a featured publisher at Ithacon 44. Hart is a former reporter for the Syracuse Post-Standard and he's also written for The New York Times, The New Yorker, National Lampoon, for Nation Public Radio, and more. He's currently the publisher of Ahoy comics. Jamal is a veteran comic book artist who has worked on several big name properties like DC's Firestorm, Zatanna, Superman, and Supergirl. He's the creator of books like Molly Danger, Venture, and Black. Currently he is the artist for Ahoy's The Wrong Earth.

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ITHACONversations is the official podcast of Ithacon and the newest show from Passion Project Online. Ithacon is the second longest running comic book convention in the United States. Every week, host Edward Willshire will interview a member of the Ithacon team leading up to Ithacon 44 on March 23 and 24. Learn about the history, business, and design of conventions and meet some of the people behind it all.

Intro and outro music by Jacob Sullivan

Cover art by Eden Dodge

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