The Signs That Guide Us

The earliest record of the zodiac symbols can be found in 1st century BC. Babylonian Astrology was introduced to the Greeks by the 4th century and great thinkers like Plato and Aristotle began to look to the stars as a means of finding a lost piece of humanity in the vast, starry sky. Soon the Romans used it to chart agricultural patterns and predict disasters. It was a counsel to kings, poets, great men, women and children — all looking to some greater power to guide them.

Flash forward to present day, iPhone apps like Co-Star charts your compatibility with friends and loved ones. Horoscopes provide strangely detailed yet always slightly vague insight into the upcoming week, month or year. Meme accounts are killing it on Instagram and even if you don't believe your "Rising," "Sun," or "Star," signs truly define your actions or influence your everyday — there's still something nice about imagining that not everything is within your control. Maybe some things are written in the stars after all.


This fire sign is known for their competitive nature, often seeking out the next great challenge that they can pursue. They tend to only look out for themselves due to this competitiveness, but if they find people that match their energy and drive they’re willing to team up for success.


The Taurus is persistent, even stubborn when it comes to getting what they want out of life. They are loyal to the people that deserve their time, leading them to be dependable friends and colleagues. Not big proponents of change, they like to stick to their set routines, making time to relax along the way.


Symbolized by the twins, the Gemini can often be misconceived as two faced. The truth is that this duality makes it possible for them to get along with almost anyone, finding even the most nuanced ways of relating to the people and the world around them.


In tune with their feelings, it can take some time for Cancers to open up. Just like the crab, they have a hard outer appearance that can make it hard to get through to them at first but once this is accomplished, they are all in when it comes to relationships.


Bold and brave like a lion, Leos don’t have to beg for attention — they receive it all because of the way they shine unintentionally. They are charming and charismatic, making it an easy feat to make a big group of friends and making leadership a skill like second nature to them.


Virgos are helpers and problem-solvers, always prioritizing the well-being of themselves and their loved ones as much as they possibly can. They are practical, which can sometimes translate into perfectionism. In the end, their nagging and worries are all evidence to the amount that they care.


All about balance, Libras like to look at everything from every possible angle taking in all sides of any story. They tend to keep the peace in situations of conflict, so if they choose a side they can back up their choice through and through.


As the most intense of the zodiac, Scorpios reputation precedes them. But this intensity isn’t necessarily negative as it leads to the passion, drive, and dedication that they put into their work and their interpersonal relationships.


Sagittarius love making jokes and taking jokes, but their “no filter” attitude can sometimes get them into trouble. They are as honest as they can be (which can sometimes be brutal) but tend to look at life in a positive light no matter the circumstance.


Hard-working as ever, Capricorns always put their best foot forward and expect the same from those around them. These individuals are in touch with themselves emotionally, and handle their feelings in mature ways. Nonetheless, they find happiness in the smaller pleasures that life has to offer.


Aquarius, known for being independent, can sometimes seem emotionally detached because they may shy away from intimidating social situations. They connect with people through intellectual conversation and questions that pick their brains, hopefully learning something new about themselves in the process.


Pisces are misunderstood, not just because of the way others perceive their aloofness, but because they want to be. They tend to keep secrets and have very vivid imaginations and inner monologues. Still, they have the skills to face obstacles and can create strong emotional bonds with the right people.

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