Overlooked: Sleepover

On the penultimate episode of Overlooked Jake is joined by Jules Grillo to talk about Sleepover, a surprisingly adult YA comedy from the early 2000s. Along the way, they ramble about Gossip Girl, Hilary Duff, and teen-oriented films.

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There are a lot of movies out there. A. Lot. Every year hundreds of movies come out, but few of them enter the public consciousness; these overlooked films can be exciting, moving, funny or poignant but they don't get the attention of the hottest blockbusters or most Oscar-baity art-films. "Overlooked" is a bi-weekly examination of under-appreciated films that were undervalued at their time of release, hosted by Jake Leary. The show can cover any genre, and though I only discussed movies here, any medium. Each week a new guest from the Ithaca community would be given a chance to espouse a hidden gem that they feel didn't receive enough attention. One part talk show, one part media criticism, "Overlooked" is a movie book club at its core — an enthusiastic celebration of the movies you might have missed.

Cover Art by Nicki Diacik

Music: "I Want Everything" by HOPE, "Remember" by Gabriel Mann, and "We close our eyes" by Allister

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