ITHACONversations: Power Pack creator Louise Simonson and Superman Newspaper Strips w/ Sid Friedfert

On this week's episode of ITHACONversations I talk to two people who have made major contributions to the Man of Steel. First is Louise Simonson, one of the featured guests of Ithacon 44. She is a comics legend, having worked as an editor for Marvel comics on titles like the Uncanny X-Men, as well as writing and creating characters like Marvel's Power Pack, Apocalypse, and Cable, as well as DC's Steel. She has also written for Spider-Man, Star Wars, the Fantastic Four, and Wonder Woman. My second guest on this episode is known as Brooklyn's number one Superman fan, and judging by his work that is possibly an understatement. For over 30 years, Sid Friedfertig has been collecting the Superman newspaper strips that were originally printed from 1939-1966. Most of these strips were thought to be lost and haven't been read by anyone other than Friedfertig in over half a century. With many strips written by Superman co-creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, these are major pieces of comics history, almost lost to time. Friedfertig's collections of Superman strips are a major undertaking and he talks all about it in this episode.

You can buy Sid Friedfertig's books on Amazon.

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Cover art by Eden Dodge

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