College has been a crazy ride so far. I’m only a freshman, but my life has changed so much. I’m from Sussex County, NJ which is very rural and the closest mall is 30 minutes (20 if you speed, which is a regular occurrence in Jersey), so the physical scenery isn’t too different from home. I came here expecting to become a National Geographic photographer, to be someone professors will talk about in their photo lectures, and to be well off. College has taught me to be humble and to be open to change. I have a more realistic view of the world. I now want to become a veterinary technician while also majoring in photography. College has also helped me grow as a person. I have always been shy, quiet, and passive. I am learning to find my voice, be confident in my style, and to reach out to people. This photo series titled Blue is a collection from works throughout my photography experience so far. I started photography when I was in middle school and have grown and developed my skills ever since. I’m in no way a professional, but growth is apart of life and I wanted to show this in my collection.