I you we come from

Mother and father come from:

Father comes from far

Father comes from dusty lamps from wooden furniture

From the greenest grass

From cow sheds from pig pens

From Sunday dinners and boarding school

Father comes from quiet women

Bibles instead of novels

Mother doesn't come from here

Mother comes from church on Sunday

From watching the evening soaps from Coronation Street

She comes from gossiping at hair salons

She does not jaywalk

Mother comes from the smell of clean laundry and clotheslines

From milkmen and tea

From don't use all the hot water

Neither belongs in the city that never sleeps

I come from Chelsea

A place for artists


I come from the clean laundry

From shiny hardwood floors

From folded socks and ironed sheets

From perfection in details

I come from immigrants

From far away

You flew here we grew here

From paying fifty cents a minute to talk to relatives

From thirty-seven first cousins

From plastic St. Patrick's day green beads

From wearing sunscreen while skiing

I come from the word “stop”

From the word, please

Never “what” always “pardon”

She, Him, I, We

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