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When Daniela Rivero and Brontë Cook began recording “In Between” in May 2018, they had no idea what it would become. All they had was a simple idea: they wanted to talk to people about their lives, their passions, and their identities in a way that would inspire empathy and genuine human connection in today’s turbulent world. Since then, the podcast has evolved in unimaginable ways. During the Fall 2019 semester, “In Between” primarily focused on interviewing creatives, activists and leaders with a greater purpose.

To wrap up the semester, the hosts interviewed each other to reflect on the year, both in terms of the podcast and their personal growth.

BC: First, okay, let’s unpack the podcast.

DR: What I really like about it is that it’s all happened very organically. And I feel like it's grown a lot with us and our interests. I very much see our interviews and the guests we have on reflecting where we’re at in our lives, what we’re looking for, what we’re interested in.

BC: Yeah, I really like the direction its gone in this semester. Last year, we were learning, and we would come into the interview with a very specific topic to focus on or no direction at all. This year, it’s nice having a more creative lense because it helps people open up and gives us an opportunity to have more organic conversations.

DR: This season has also reflected our own need to sit with our dynamism as people who are passionate about many different things! And a lot of our guests are like that, too.

BC: Okay, topic switch! The decade is coming to an end… what is something from your childhood that you’re nostalgic about?

DR: I’ve been really nostalgic about growing up surrounded by like my big family, so a lot of my childhood I was also raised by my grandparents. They spent a lot of time with me. I was always around my cousins, my aunts and uncles. So, I’m really nostalgic about being surrounded by my bigger family and that being a big part of my life. That’s been a big reason why I’m looking to move back to Mexico after graduation, is just wanting to reconnect with so many of the people I deeply bonded with in my childhood. It’s different when you’re living far away!

DR: B, what were your favorite books of the year?

BC: Oh my gosh. Okay, I just read Carly Simon’s memoir that I picked up at a bookstore in Boston. I love reading memoirs about people who I feel see the world in a similar way to me. Reading this, I felt that. This summer, I read Questlove’s book “Creative Quest.” The entire book is about creativity and how different forces shape your creativity. If you are a creative, I think you should read it — highly recommended. And yours?

DR: Oh man. I read “Cien años de soledad” (“100 Years of Solitude”) by Gabriel García Márque, and that was probably one of my favorite books ever. I love the way that he writes. It took me so long to read that book because it was written in older spanish, that’s what I liked about it though. I had to really sit down with it. It’s magical realism, my favorite genre. Also “Men without Women”…

BC: Oooh I read “Men without Women” this year too! Haruki Murakami. Love.

DR: What was your favorite meme of the year?

BC: I have to say, I know this is kind of basic, but I really love the Paul Rudd one. “Look at us, look at us!” I literally say that all the time. I also love Paul Rudd, he’s my fav.

BC: We both got some new tattoos this year! Dani, what’s your favorite?

DR: The first one of the year I got was the golden record on the Voyager Space Shuttle. If you know me, you know I ride hard for Carl Sagan. What Carl Sagan was tasked with was basically making a mixtape of humanity and earth to send out to intelligent life. There’s something about voyager that just makes me feel so tender … Just thinking about it being out in space by itself, playing the record to itself, is so beautiful. There’s songs from across space and time on earth. There’s whale calls, there’s a crying baby. That brought me a lot of groundedness, when I was going through it … How about you, B?

BC: My favorite one that I got this year… my aunt and I went to Scotland to visit my mom’s family, and my mom passed away when I was little so it was the first time I met them. One of my cousins, my second or third cousin, technically, is a tattoo artist. And he’s really, really good. So over lunch, I was like, “Will you give me a tattoo?” I looked through his designs and found a sun that I really liked, so he redesigned it specifically for me and then did it for free, which was really really nice. That’s right in the middle of my back, and I love it because I’ve always been really connected to the sun. That’s my favorite one that I have.

BC: Hmm… what was your favorite self-discovery this year?

DR: I’ve started doing art again. Like I used to, when I was a kid, just really enjoying it. But also taking it seriously and trying to really learn. I started painting again, and I’ve been taking my art class this semester and feeling really encouraged. That’s probably been the thing that’s felt most organic and natural, and I think I just really needed something to help me get out of the thought patterns I get stuck in. What have you learned about yourself this year?

BC: I feel like I’ve grown a lot, in terms of self-awareness. That’s something I’ve really paid attention to this semester. I’ve learned that I’m not my best self when I’m busy and stressed and pushing myself to the extreme, which is something I’ve always done. When I’m in that headspace, I’m not the best friend or person that I know I can be. So that’s what I’ve learned, and I’m working on that, which I think is a completely positive thing.

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