An Endless Poem Called Love

By: Claire Thompson

Graphic by: Jeremiah Hainline

I wish that everybody knew Alex Dimitrov and Emily Carpenter. Alex Dimitrov is an American poet and the author of Love, an endless poem of “I love…” statements that has been published and continues on his Twitter account where he encourages others to contribute to it as well. Over the summer, my friend Emily introduced me to this poem, and has followed it up nearly every month since with a list of things she loves. In these lists, Emily describes what she calls “the sticky stuff.” The sticky stuff is “the cracks in our everyday lives that ooze out warm stuff that you want to be covered in.” The sticky stuff, I would argue, is some of the most important stuff life has to offer. When you go around in life looking for the sticky stuff, you're bound to find it. Here’s an incomplete list of sticky stuff I ran into this month:

I love sending postcards

And more than that, I love receiving them

I love when dogs look just like their owner

I love when people get drunk and want to hug everyone

I love taking the TCAT after midnight

I love that Ithaca spends an entire weekend celebrating apples

I love thinking “this is fun” while I’m still having fun

I love when I see my roommate when I didn’t expect to see her

I love when people check themselves out in windows because they don’t know I am on the other side giggling at them

I love that some trees know it’s fall before the others do

I love the idea of a dog named Chocolate Chip Cookie

I love sharing a pot of coffee

I love that my best friend thinks I’m worth a six hour drive

I love slow motion videos

I love going out on Thursday nights just to celebrate being alive

I love it when people know their limits

I love it when I watch the sunset on purpose

I love strangers who make a real effort to help me

I love knowing the songs they’re playing in Starbucks

I love mostly empty train cars

I love friendly New Yorkers (there are way more than I was lead to believe)

I love that wanting to learn is such a human urge

I love dog parks

I love going to the grocery store late at night

I love when food “really hits the spot”

I love that I can always go home

I love celebrating birthdays at midnight

I love makeshift decorations

I love people that are easy to talk to

I love a good deal

I love wool sweaters

I love silly nicknames

I love the special blend of coffee my sister mails me from Texas

I love that there are archives for almost anything

I love strangers that flirt with me in my building’s elevator

I love skirts with lettuce hems

I love professors who are really good at their jobs

I love giving myself the day off

I love wearing borrowed clothes

I love when people really know what they’re talking about

I love people who take Halloween really seriously

I love fire pits

I love when people come to visit

I love people who carry other people’s bags

I love when my friends call me by my full name

I love inside jokes

I love turtlenecks

I love when people have visible hickeys

I love strange mugs

I love when people use the word “bizarre”

I love that brussel sprouts grow like that

I love yellow houses

I love that I get to live with people I love

I love feeling hopeful

I love knowing how to get where I’m going

I love holding hands

I love having something to look forward to

I love the bows at the end of performances

I love not having to search for things to love

I love having visitors

I love cuddling

I love confetti cannons

I love friends that feel like family

I love completing a project

I love when people love my work

I love to happy cry

I love reunions

I love when things go smoother than planned

I love when my body aches after a night out dancing

I love a night out dancing

I love when things work out

I love when people really try their best

I love when people “come around”

Follow the evolution of Love on Twitter @apoemcalledlove and Emily on Instagram @hey_itsemily.

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