Defeating Film Bros then Borgov

I stumbled upon Queen's Gambit during a mental health crossroad of Covid-19 and fell in love with the character of Beth. I watched that show 5 times- engrossing myself with the story. It was a massive deal to me as a student filmmaker to see a female character written with the complexity and tragic hero type that historically only men are written with. The show was so much more than being superior in chess it contains the complexity of some of the greatest shows of our time. I adored the style with which it was shot and staged and was determined to make my own work inspired by it. This is it.

I am Surina Belk-Gupta I am a sophomore film photo visual arts major living in Houston, Texas. Photography has always been one of my favorite forms of self expression and storytelling and I've fallen in love with the niche of editorial portraits which is why I love magazines.

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