Home, Health Healing, and Hope

Photography by Brianna Diaz

Home, Hope, Health, and Healing; these are the four categories we need to be mindful of both in and out of quarantine. As we transition to campus for the Fall semester, it’s important to keep your health in check (whether that’d be mental, emotional, and overall health). We need to heal from any trauma, drama, or any kinds of events that happened over this past year and, as the new year continues, we need to keep in contact with home as it is the place in which we came from and have grown up in. Lastly, we need to have hope for a world with no COVID, so to do that, keep your masks on and keep your distance when out and about!

As the Spring semester finishes out, I know I’ve had my fair share of zoom classes (and I know you have as well). There were certain activities, music, TV shows, movies, and more that have kept me sane. They also helped my health, my healing, and have given me hope throughout quarantine.


We all want COVID to go away at this point, right? I know I do. To do that, stay at home. Don’t travel abroad though if you have to or need to, please wear your masks properly and keep 6 feet away from others. If we want a COVID-free summer, let’s follow these precautions now so that later on, we can all go back to normal! It’s also important to check in with home and other family members while in quarantine. Put the technology that we have, to good use. This is the perfect time to catch up with family at home through FaceTime, WhatsApp, text, or even just a simple phone call. They are in the same situation as you, so it’s important to keep in contact. As sad as it sounds, you’ll never know what’s going to happen the next day.


Keeping up with your health is super important to consider during this time. This doesn’t mean to stop eating your favorite foods, go on a super strict diet, or only drink water; you’re more than welcome to eat or drink whatever you want! As long as you’re feeding your body, that’s all that matters! Another thing I’ve learned is to try to do something productive in regards to exercise for about 20-30 minutes a day. That’s all you need. For me personally, I would take extra long walks with my dog, or even just walk around the neighborhood. Now, I’m no doctor, but drinking water is also important, too. It doesn’t matter if you don’t drink 8 glasses a day, but even just a bottle a day helps. Rest is important to take into account as well. It’s also ok to rest and take breaks for long periods of time. Your body needs it and so do you. Last but not least, live your life. Somebody once told me to not let other people’s opinions take over your life. I’m still struggling with that, but I’m learning and growing from it every day, little by little.


In my opinion, healing is one of the most important aspects we need to understand, too. Some of us may have experienced some traumatic, dramatic, and just absolute horrible events while being at home and in quarantine. Here are some of the things I recommend to do and some activities I have done to heal me from those negative experiences:

  1. Meditation; Nights in which I have a hard time sleeping or just need to calm down because my anxiety gets at a high, meditation helps! A great free app to use would be Headspace.

  2. Music; Music has such an impact on my life (so much that I even got a tattoo)! With that being said, I’m always listening to new music every day and creating playlists on the platforms I use. If you ever need some good recommendations and playlists on Spotify, feel free to follow me @¡brianna!. Don’t worry; I’ll put you on to some new stuff. Check out my Lofi playlist on YouTube as well: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWhCxyZU6HbL9m4wsFVcwLCvfUDPZ3sAN

  3. Have OR Buy a journal; I write out my feelings and frustrations in my notes. As it is hard to find a therapist at the moment due to COVID, my notes are my therapist and it’s my way of venting.

  4. Talking/Venting to a friend; My best friends and I have a system where we call whenever we need to vent, and it’s a great coping mechanism. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, thanks to TikTok, there’s also a website and hotline for you to scream, vent, say anything, or even hang up. Want more information, here’s the link: https://justscream.baby/

  5. If you are religious, try talking to your higher belief; I’m not a devoted religious person but I do believe there is a higher God. Growing up in a non-denominational Christian household, religion was important but not something we stressed every single day. This goes for Church as well! We went every other Sunday. As I got older, I realized that just a few minutes of prayer can go a long way.

  6. Lastly, take advantage of your days off. It sucks not knowing that we didn’t have a spring break, but take advantage of those days off we have. Plan to do as much work as you can the night before the break so that the day of the break, you won’t have much nor anything to do!


Some things I’ve come to realize over quarantine is that not everyone is perfect and that it’s ok to go out of your comfort zone. If you want to do something, do it! Don’t let others control your life with their opinions. As we are on social media more often, don’t let it take over your perception of life or your body.

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