Longview Memoirs: The Ironing Board

Design by Jared Dobro

Pieces from the Longview Memoir Project were authored by residents of Longview, a senior living community with close ties to Ithaca College. They were produced in a workshop led by Ithaca College professor Marella Feltrin-Morris, which occurs every spring.

Martha K. Brewster is a West Virginian-born Mountain Mama to four children and seven grandchildren. Until the end of World War II, Martha spent her childhood in the Panama jungle with her parents and in the country of Costa Rica with its volcanoes. A tango dancing marriage partner with priest husband for 56 years and now lonely widow for three years, she is an aging old boarding school resident at Longview in Ithaca.

Martha was a teacher in many different schools and family and marriage counselor for 25 years, a Hospicare volunteer for 16 years, and a conservationist of land at Green Pastures Farm for 30 years. She is celebrating 83 years on this planet, still planting flowers, conserving the earth, delighting in bird song, treasuring family and friendships, watching clouds, listening to leaves falling, looking for the peace bird and someday nes